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Karen synthesizes the latest evidence and translates it into blogs for the healthcare practitioner. It is important to ask the question: Is this research clinic-ready? Her up-to-date posts can provide organizations and companies with research and expert opinion to support their services and products. This allows the organization or company to boost their social media campaigns. What better way to promote your brand than to provide healthcare professionals and the public with useful information?

Work Example – Commissioned Article:

Article Name: The Proof is in the Pudding: A Tribute to Dr. Steven Leder & His Contributions to FEES

Description:  This article explored the now 30-year history of FEES, with a special focus on Dr. Leder’s work from 1997 to 2016 (references are listed chronologically to reflect history). Karen reviewed Dr. Leder’s early contributions, research regarding the benefits of FEES, some of his work with specific populations, and finally other exam considerations (i.e., the use of dyes and the need for a residue rating scale).

Article Links: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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Additional Work Examples:

  • Post-Stroke Dysphagia & Risk Management

    Every 40 seconds someone in the United States has a stroke Read More ->

  • Groundbreaking Dysphagia Education

    Can dysphagia education move from away from Dysphagia Island to a more comprehensive healthcare education, that includes a holistic view of swallowing and swallowing disorders (dysphagia)? Read More ->

  • Advocacy in Dysphagia & Beyond

    Whether you work in the trauma ICU or in long-term care, advocating for your patients can feel like your full-time job (not to mention advocating for your department, your job and career, and for yourself). Read More ->

  • Decision-Making in Dysphagia Management

    When a person has difficulty swallowing (dysphagia) with high risks for aspiration of thin liquids, one of the most difficult decisions for a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) is whether or not the person would benefit from thickened liquids. Read More ->

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